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Facial Hair Transplant

Facial Hair Transplant

A facial hair transplant can be an excellent solution for people with patchy or thinning beards and eyebrows. These issues are often irreversible, and they tend to occur due to underlying medical conditions, genetic predisposition, trauma, or even over-plucking. The effects can be noticeable, changing people’s appearance drastically. But the effects of surgical treatment can be equally dramatic, helping them regain their looks and their confidence.

Much like transplanted scalp hair, facial hair can be replaced to cover up unsightly patches. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), currently the most advanced form of hair transplantation, can be used to transplant hair to areas of the face and body, including the chin, cheeks, neck, and brow ridges with excellent results.

FUE surgery isn’t for everyone, though. If you’re considering this type of treatment, an FUE specialist is your first port of call. Candidates are assessed based on the type of hair, the amount of hair that’s been lost, the extent of the restoration, and the way they style their hair, among others. This will involve the use of cutting-edge microscopy equipment, which will also reveal the areas where you may continue to lose hair from. Based on these findings, the consultant will be able to reveal your best options.

At Correction Clinic, our knowledgeable hair restoration consultants make expert, honest, and unbiased assessments. As seasoned and caring professionals, masters at their craft, and very sought-after for their skills, they have no interest and take no pleasure in giving false hope. However, if during this extensive bespoke examination it becomes clear that you are suitable for FUE surgery, your surgeon will commit to take utmost care in restoring your hair to its former glory.

The first step is always the hardest. But the sooner you get in touch with us at Correction Clinic, the closer you are to minimizing your losses and letting your hair reach its full potential. We’ve made tremendous strides at our clinic, using state-of-the-art equipment and peerless expertise to give people thicker hair and a stronger sense of self in mere hours. With our help, you’ll be treading on air and running your fingers through your hair before you know it. Get in touch for your free online consultation, and let’s start working on your hair, your happiness, and your future.

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