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When our clinic was founded, Follicular Unit Extraction was still very much in its infancy. Even then, the advantages of undergoing this type of hair surgery were clear. As opposed to FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), it came with no scarring or stitching. So, it quickly became a very sought-after procedure.

In the 20 years since, we continuously sought to improve our methods of performing this type of hair transplantion, building up our knowledge base with member education, international collaborations, and extensive research.

Today, we have FUE surgery down to a fine art and we can ensure the best possible outcome for our patients. While competitors struggle to perform FUE surgery to our standard and resort mainly to older practices like FUT, we keep one step ahead and proudly offering our patients the highest quality of service with the best results.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

As briefly mentioned above, there are two types of procedures for hair surgery. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) involves harvesting individual hair strands from one area and grafting them onto another. FUE is a Japanese method proven to be the most successful way of performing a hair, eyebrow, and beard transplant.

Because it involves removing individual hair follicles, not whole sections of hair and skin, there’s no scarring or stitching. But its effectiveness is mainly a matter of skill. One by one, follicular units are taken from the scalp, eyebrow, or beard to fill up the area of choice. Surgeons painstakingly carry out this procedure over several hours, taking considerable care not to damage the hair so that the hair transplant is successful. It’s very important to be in the hands of experienced and skilful surgeons, such as ours

Success rates are also down to the tools used. At Correction Clinic, we use our proprietary utensils to remove individual grafts. These special medical tools prevent ‘pit’ scarring, so that as soon as the anaesthetic wears down and the swelling subsides, the hair looks and feels like it belongs there, with no unsightly stitching or scarring whatsoever.

The procedure only takes a few hours, but if you undertake FUE surgery, don’t expect to be discharged the same day. Upon arrival at our purpose-built hair transplant clinic, you will be greeted by your consultant, the person who will be performing the FUE surgery and with whom you will have already established a bond. After a quick pre-operative assessment to determine that you’ve followed our recommendations and a few other preparations, you should be ready for your FUE surgery.

The surgeon will define your hairline and make minutious markings to show you where each strand of hair would go. Following your approval, the surgeon will apply a local anaesthetic and transfer hair harvested from elsewhere on the scalp or face to the patch you want fuller. After the procedure is completed and the dressings are applied, you will be taken to your suite to rest and recover. A care pack will be made available to you and your surgeon will see you prior to discharge.

When you undergo FUE surgery at our hair loss clinic, healing is a quick and painless process. In a short space of time, the surgeon will have extracted and transplanted up to 7,500 follicles from a small donor area, ensuring the best possible outcome for you with minimum wastage and damage. You’ll instantly be able to see that your hair is fuller and more evenly spread. Within months, it will start to grow on its own, and you have our guarantee that it will continue to grow for as long you live.

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