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From a very young age I always wanted to grow facial hair and struggled. I tried many medications and tropical solutions but nothing seemed to work. I have no regrets these guys not only allowed me to have facail hair but they gave me the most perfect shaped beard and my confidence back.

Martin Smith

26 Years

At first I wasn’t keen on the idea of having a transplant in Turkey. However the cost of 4500 grafts in UK was not affordable for me. So this inclined me to consider the option. Having done my research and speaking to Nige at Correction clinic, I can honestly say I was totally ignorant and judged to soon. Correction Clinic is over seen by British surgeons and follow the UK standards. The procedure was quick and easy, if in any doubt, my advice is call them. 100% recommended.

Stephen Hewitt

36 Years

I visited a few other clinics but none of them made me feel as at ease. I don’t like visiting docs let alone go in for surgery.  However I must say Nige at the correction clinic made me feel assured and comfortable and set the expectations from the beginning. I wouldn’t change a thing.I’m happy so far with the results.

Rich Sharma

29 Years

After 3 months of hair growth I have now started to see the results . I can’t wait to see the full results. Highly recommended.

John Downes

41 Years

From start to end all I can say is smooth. The consultants, nurses and surgeons made the process extremely comfortable. I’m really happy I used them.

Malik Khan

39 years

It’s amazing the difference a hair transplant can make. I feel great, look good and feel a lot younger. Thanks guys 100% recommended.

Peter Meek

28 Years

I lost my hair very young and went in to depression, my world really turned upside down. I didn’t think losing my hair would impact my confidence. These guys really helped me out, i just wish i had gone to them sooner.

Jamie Morris

30 years

When I was researching the process I found that it was a pricey process. When I made contact at Correction Clinic they gave me a free consultation. Provided me with a breakdown of what I needed. The full process and even went in to detail about the best method for me. At this point I thought the cost would be more expensive than everybody else as they offered a bespoke service. To my my amazement  the price was reasonable and affordable. For what they offer it’s a real steal.

Ahmed Khan

25 Years

My dream has finally come true! I now have the hair I wanted for so long. No more hiding in hats. Your clinic has really given me the confidence I needed. I appreciate it greatly.

Becky Jones

42 years

I thought that my problem was not fixable, as i was losing hair in area that you normally wouldn’t. Correction Clinic really are experts and gave me reassurance throughout the process. No regrets and I would definitely recommend to everyone.

Ian Moore

33 years

I am absolutely happy to be your patient. Your surgeons are genius! I was treated very kindly and professionally, and now I feel just great. Thanks!

Julia Gilmore

29 years